Custom tailor work

I tailor
to you

As a freelancer, I am a one woman working group. Why is this good news? It's personal. I'm not out juggling hundreds of clients. You don't need to keep searching for a company or module that you can try to squeeze yourself into. Together, we can build something that meets your specific individual needs.

Affordable projects

and Timely

No more outrageous fees. You aren't paying for the company fax machine and studio lease rent here. You only pay for basic services rendered. Prices will of course vary depending on the project. I will work with your budget, and will either charge an hourly rate, or one set fee for the entire project, depending on the project's complexity. Contact me to recieve a bid on your project free of charge.

The Mission

Powered On Innovations is motivated by the desire to help others reach their online potential. I believe in your vision, in your capacities, and in your ideas. Whether you have a small, one-time odd job for me, or a lifetime lasting project - I am interested in helping you get one step closer to your goal.



Portfolio work examples shown below.

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